SHAVASANA Lavender Eye Pillow

SKU: WA047

How much time do you spend loving and nurturing yourself?


Improve your quality of life by doing rituals that fill you with pleasant sensations. You don't need much time, just a little organization and the desire to feel bliss.


Lavender is considered the go-to scent for relaxation. Its flowery and fresh aroma helps treat depression, insomnia, migraines, among others. 


Shavasana is handmade and filled with dry lavender flowers that can help to ease the mind and body as soon as you smell it.  


Place it on your eyes after a yoga practice, before sleeping or at any time of the day that you feel the need to find stillness or regenerate your energy.  


Always remember, the bottom line is self-pleasure. Meaning acting from a place of kindness and love towards yourself and making time for YOU♡. When you revitalize yourself, you increase the love for you and simultaneously the love for others.

  • Details

    Eye pillow contains lavender dry flowers and flax seed. 

    Exquisite smell. 

    Weights 8.8 oz.

    Made with organic linen fabric. 

    Naturally and consciously sourced in Mexico.

  • Extra Info

    If you want to place an international order, please send an email to:

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