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This set includes all the magic scents and Mayan art of Self Pleasure's collection. 


If you want to transform your home into a harmonious one full of reminders that bring you back to the Here & Now, this set is for you ♥


Set contains: 


SHAVASANA Lavender Eye Pillow. 

MYSTIC COPALERA Incense Burner. 

I AM DELICIOUS Mint + Eucalyptus Vegan Wax Candle.

COPAL + CHARCOAL Energy Clearing Set. 

SPACE HARMONY Copal Incense Set. 

SERPENT POWER Incense Holder. 

  • Details

    Naturally & Consciously sourced in Mexico.


    SHAVASANA Lavender Eye Pillow

    Contains lavender dry flowers and flax seed. 

    Exquisite smell. 

    Weights 8.8 oz.

    Made with organic linen fabric. 


    MYSTIC COPALERA Incense Burner

    Handmade with the best quality Mexican ceramics. We added to this classic design Mayan textiles to give it our personal touch. The textiles used are handmade and each one is unique; therefore, each textile piece will vary. This is the magic of handmade ♥

    Colors Variations: Blue, Yellow and Turquoise. 

    Measurements: 4.5"h x 3"diam. 

    Weight: 222 gr. / 7.83 oz. 


    I AM DELICIOUS Mint + Eucalyptus Vegan Wax Candle

    15.5 oz glass jar of 100% vegetal wax.

    Measurements: 4"h x 2.9"diam.  

    Weight: 65 gr. / 2.29 oz.

    Vegan. Cotton wicks. Simply delicious!


    Burn Time: 33 Hours when burned properly.


    COPAL + CHARCOAL Energy Clearing Set

    Set contains 50 grams of pure white copal and six vegetable charcoals.   

    Magical scent capable of making you fly. 


    SPACE HARMONY Copal Incense Set

    Incenses are made of pure copal resin and charcoal. 

    Set contains 10 handmade incense sticks.

    Burn Time: 2 Hours per stick. 


    SERPENT POWER Incense Holder

    Measurements: 0.65"h x 3"diam. 

    Weight: 2.66 oz / 75 gr. 

    *Wood colors may vary. 

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