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For highly spiritual societies such as the Mayan and Aztec, the aroma of the copal was related to divine presence. 

The traditional way of using copal is burning the resin on charcoals inside a heat resistant recipient or a "copalera" usually made of ceramic or clay.

  • Details

    Mystic Copalera was handmade with the best quality Mexican ceramics. We added to this classic design Mayan textiles to give it our personal touch. The textiles used are handmade and each one is unique; therefore, each textile piece will vary. This is the magic of handmade ♥

    Measurements: 4.5"h x 3"diam. 

    Weight: 222 gr. / 7.83 oz. 

  • How to use

    Put a charcoal inside the container, light the charcoal on, and place copal resin on top. Smell it and get high as soon as the aroma gets to your system.

  • Safety Precautions

    Keep away from flammable materials.

    Be attentive and always burn copal within sight.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets.


  • Extra Info

    If you want to place an international order, please send an email to:

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