COPAL + CHARCOAL Energy Clearing Set

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Considered as food of the gods by Mesoamerican cultures, Copal is an aromatic resin that has been used for thousands of years in magic rituals for purification, healing, and protection.


Copal resin is extracted from the Copalli tree, native to tropical regions of the Americas. The therapeutic uses of this exquisite and somewhat sweet fragrance have made this resin widely used in aromatherapy. Its scent acts on the limbic system, which is known to manage our emotional responses. 


But that is not all! 


The copal whitish smoke is used as an energy cleaning tool, since it is believed to connect to higher vibrations. 


Smoke your spaces with copal before your meditations, rituals or solo dates. You will certainly feel how fast its scent increases the good vibes and connects you to your highest self. 

  • Details

    Set contains 50 grams of pure white copal and six vegetable charcoals.   

    Naturally and consciously sourced in Mexico.

    Magical scent capable of making you fly. 

    *Set does not include Mystic Copalera

  • How to use

    Burn it on a heatproof flame resistant surface like Mystic Copalera.

    Do not leave unattended.

  • Extra Info

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