In the tropical climates of the Americas, life without a hammock is unimaginable as hammocks have been a fundamental element of comfort and sleep for many centuries.

Swinging on a hammock creates a natural rhythm, which helps one to enjoy deeper states of relaxation.  

Our handmade hammocks are a beautiful artisanal expression made in Yucatan, Mexico. The soft textiles used cradle your body and ergonomically adapt to you, making them the most comfortable place to relax, meditate, read a book, and enjoy nature.


Each hammock takes approximately three weeks to be handmade.


You don't need advanced handyman skills to hang your hammock. However, hanging a hammock requires precise attention to detail and use of the appropriate tools to ensure the hammock is solidly anchored. Proper installation will prevent potential injury, damage to your walls, and a really embarrassing story.


We can't wait for you to chill out in a comfortable and beautiful WARIMBA Hammock! Our adjustable hammocks can be hung from walls, trees, and even ceilings. However, we must first understand the anatomy of the hammock. There are three parts you need to know: Bed, Arms, and Loops.


  • Bed: The part of the hammock where you lay down to relax.

  • Arms: The cords that connect the bed to the loops.

  • Loops: Rings at the end of the hammock that are used for hanging.


The hammock's total length is measured from loop to loop:


To hang your hammock outdoors, find two strong trees separated by 13 to 16 feet approximately. Take one rope, double it up, and wrap it around the first tree. The rope should be about six to eight feet from the ground. Then, take one hammock loop and put the two ends of the rope through the loop and tie a knot. Pull on the rope to make sure the knot does not come loose. Repeat the same steps on the other tree. 

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